What to do During School Holidays 

The school holidays are here and while a lot of parents are using this time to get their children to stay at home and rest, there are some parents who are looking at taking advantage of this period to enjoy some bonding activities with the whole family or have their children engage in meaningful exercises. 

Some activities can be plainly for fun, some can be educational, and others can be recreational. Depending on the objectives and goals you have for your children, there is an abundance of activities that they can enjoy during school holidays.

Museums and Educational Places

A trip to educational spots can be good for learning and bonding. Depending on your child’s interests, you can take a trip to different and numerous educational spots in Singapore and enjoy the day out while learning new things.

If you wish to stay at home and avoid the crowd, you may also look up some online documentaries covering a topic of your child’s interest, and have them learn from those videos. 

Baking and Cooking

One of the many good things about the internet is it supplies us with tips, tricks, techniques, and a lot of information on different matters, one of which is cooking and baking. Cooking or baking can be a nice way for you and your children to bond and also can possibly spark their interest in this chore – and they can end up really wanting to master the craft. 

You can always start with simpler dishes, and then move on to the more complex ones as you go along. What’s good about this is, you can also practise school subjects like Mathematics while cooking and baking. Your child may be learning without him/her even knowing – which could be a really good form to learn. 

A bonus would be if the dish or the baked goods turn out to be really good! 


It is never too early to ignite the love for being physically healthy. This school holiday, you can craft out a detailed plan on what kind of physical activities you and the whole family can do together. 

It can be a combination of cardio exercises at your block’s fitness corner, a walk through the local park, or maybe a combination of cardio, leg, and arm exercises to be done at your gym. Whatever the exercise routine it may be, it will be good to practise doing it regularly with your children to instill not only the importance of exercising, but to put gravity to how essential consistency is. 

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language might be tough and continuous and regular practice will definitely be needed, but it can also be fun and retention might be better if you do it as a family. 

There are now numerous mobile apps and videos available online providing tutorials and coaching sessions in a language of your choice. You can even use this chance to prepare for an upcoming visit to a foreign country. This might get your child even more excited for the trip, knowing he/she can potentially speak to locals using their own language. 

Play Some Sports

Level up exercising with actual sports. Engage in physical sports with your kids during this school holiday and create that stronger bond with them. From swimming, to basketball, to baseball, to rollerblading in the park, there is an abundance of sports activities that you and your child can engage in. 

Once your kid has chosen a sport, you can even learn the history of the particular sport, and see who are the famous names in the sport, learn the technical aspects of it like actual rules, and maybe search for Olympians who played the sport if it is one that is in the Olympics. 

Book Reviews

If your child prefers indoor activities, you can dive into doing book reviews with him/her. Depending on the genre that interests him/her, you can create a log of books that you will read and create a list of criteria to evaluate each book. It can even be done via scrapbooking to make it even more interesting. 

Knowing that you get to evaluate the book and put your rating in a scrapbook that you will design might make it more fun for your child.

Foster a pet

If your child has always wanted a pet, but it seems to not be the right time, then the school holidays can be used to “test out” the level of responsibility your child will demonstrate. You can search for organisations that look for individuals who can foster animals for a certain duration and start from there. 

While fostering a pet, allow your child to take full control of the care of the pet – from feeding, to cleaning, to bathing, etc. This could be a good chance to strengthen their sense of responsibility and also to appreciate the importance of lending a hand. 

Work Part-time

The school holidays may also be spent experiencing “the real world”. You may encourage your child to find a part-time job that he/she will find interesting. May it be in an office, a server at a restaurant, or a retail assistant at a shop, experiencing how it is to work will help open up his/her eyes a new level of responsibility that he/she may not be familiar with. It may also help teach them about building professional relationships and the sense of taking accountability – both very useful when they grow older.

One other advantage of doing part-time work is it gives your child the opportunity to see what kind of industry he/she thinks would best suit him/her and he/she would enjoy being a part of and would thrive in. This could be a good preparation for when he/she enters university and starts studying for his/her future. 

There could be many ways to enjoy the holidays with your child, and there are numerous activities that you and the whole family can enjoy. If you want to know more about activities to help your child grow to be stronger, holistically, please visit ww.edupivot.sg 

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