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Teachers play an influential role in children’s lives. They are the people who selflessly dedicate time and effort in helping children develop their mind, heart and character to become their better selves every day.

Besides being just an educational role model, they are also always showing genuine care and concern for your children too. As Teachers’ Day is approaching, take the chance to show your heartfelt gratitude and thank them for their hard work.

Express your gratitude for your child’s teachers by thanking them with some amazing Teachers’ Day gifts that they will love!

Teacher Supplies

Teacher supplies are very practical and useful gift ideas. The common supplies that teachers use on a daily basis include, red pens, notepads, whiteboard markers, as well as paper clips.

A day in a teacher’s life may be filled with a lot of note taking, research and brainstorming. As such, teacher supplies can be very functional and thoughtful gifts to help them make their work at school a breeze.

Another interesting gift can be a customised teacher stamp set. The stamp set usually includes stamps with encouraging messages such as “Excellent”, “Great Effort”, “Great Work!”, “Very Good!”, etc, which can be very practical for teachers when they are grading student’s work.

Handmade desserts

Handmade desserts are very meaningful gifts as you are able to make them together with your child. It is always nice to let your child be a part of deciding and making the gifts for someone that has shown them so much support in school.

Some simple baking ideas include chocolate chip cookies and brownies. You can bake them together with your child and pack the baked goods in nice gift boxes or bags. 

These desserts will not only be something to satisfy a teacher’s sweet tooth, but also a great snack to fuel them throughout their day in school.


Teachers do a lot of planning and writing, especially when they are making their lesson plans. Planners can be a functional gift for teachers to take note of their daily tasks and create an organised to-do list.

If you wish to make it extra special for the occasion, you can even personalise it by printing the teacher’s initials on it. A thoughtful gift is always heartwarming for the receiver as you know that people put a great amount of effort into making it.

Personalised Tote Bag

It is a common sight to see teachers moving from one class to another with a bunch of worksheets in their hands. This may be a sign for you to create a personalised tote bag for your child’s teachers.

From printing an inspiring quote, to the initials of your child’s teacher, to even an endearing picture of him or her on the tote bag, there are many ways in which you can personalise the tote bag. 

It may also be a good idea to choose a larger size for the tote bag so that it can carry a larger amount of things in it. With that, you have yourself another functional and meaningful teachers’ day gift idea!


If your child often notices his or her teachers walking to class with a cup in their hand, they will probably appreciate a tumbler as a gift. 

Try to pick sturdier ones and those with lids that minimise leaks so that they are perfect for teachers who are always rushing from class to class with several items in their hands. 

It would also be good to choose tumblers that can keep both hot and cold drinks for a long period of time. This way, teachers can have their drink at their preferred temperature for the long day ahead.

Bouquet of flowers

It is always heartwarming and mood lifting to receive flowers.

Different flowers have their own meanings. Some popular choices for Teachers’ Day include sunflowers, which symbolises cheerfulness and adoration, and carnations which represent love and appreciation. You can bring your child along to the florist to pick out the flowers and create a beautiful bouquet together.

If you are looking for a gift that is longer-lasting, dried flowers are great alternatives that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also perfect as a decoration for teachers’ work desks.


A photo book is yet another meaningful gift that you can create together with your children. Have them compile photos of their teachers teaching or class photos that they appeared in. 

The photo book can be a way to show teachers how they look when they are teaching through the lens of students. Although teaching has become a very normal part of their lives, it is still a very respectable and noble profession to many people.

In the photo book, you and your child can even include heartwarming messages to show appreciation for their hard work and thank them for being such an inspiration.

Coffee or Tea

To help teachers get through the marathon of classes throughout the day, coffee can serve as fuel to keep them powered up. Teaching is never an easy job. It is both physically and mentally tiring, especially when teachers have back-to-back classes. Coffee can provide a boost of caffeine to help them stay awake, alert and energised.

Coffee may not be for everyone, so tea is a great alternative. Some teas have the function to help people relax after a stressful day, such as chamomile and green tea. These will be perfect gifts to help teachers unwind after a long day at work.

Back support for chair

Teachers often spend a long time in the office marking students’ work or planning lesson outlines. Sitting for long hours can take a serious toll on their shoulders, neck and back.

A lumbar back support can help promote a good posture, ease neck and back pain, as well as improve blood circulation. As such, it will be a thoughtful idea to give teachers a back support for their chairs to help them achieve greater comfort while they are working.

No matter what gift you choose for your child’s teachers in the end, the key is all about showing your gratitude to the beautiful souls who helped shape your child into becoming a better person. With many of them being so willing to go the extra mile for your child, they absolutely deserve a big “Thank You!” from you and your child.

Brad Henry once said, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination, and instil a love for learning.” This Teachers’ Day, do make an effort to show all teachers your appreciation!

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