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5 Ways to Bond with your Child

Bonding with your child could be the perfect way to guide them and get to…

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Teaching Your Child Self-Care

The World Health Organisation defines self-care as, “Self-care is broad concept which also encompasses hygiene…

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Improving Your Child’s English: Tips and Tricks

The English language is often regarded as the world’s lingua franca (a language used among…

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The Importance of Emotional Regulation

At school, your child may have to go through many different kinds of activities and…

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How to Create a Timetable and Stick to It

It’s the beginning of the new year and we see our children back to school…

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Child Learning Expressions

What Your Child can Learn From Speech and Drama

Let’s imagine your child all grown up. He or she has graduated with good grades…

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The Art of Note-Taking

Taking notes can seem like such an easy task to do. Simply grab a pen…

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child learning about the globe

What Kind of Self-Learner Is Your Child?

Do you find that your child is receptive to certain learning techniques more than others?…

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Disappointed Child

Recovering from Disappointment

Disappointment is a part and parcel of life. From grades that fall below expectations, to…

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Child learning to clean responsibly

Instilling Responsibility in Your Child

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Remember this famous quote from Spiderman? The virtue of…

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5 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Psychology Behind Procrastination  Procrastination is defined as the act of unnecessarily delaying doing tasks that…

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The Power of Affirmations

“I am more than my struggles.” Does your child understand this? Positive affirmations can be…

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