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Getting Started

At EduPivot, our core values are that hand in hand, parent and teacher, we can make a difference in every child's growth. We believe in strengthening foundations as well as giving children a holistic growth which is essential for them now, as well as the future.

We hope to be able to journey together with you and your child as we pave their way to purposeful and optimal success!

To register for tuition, get in touch with your name, child's name, age, subject needed and current grades. One of our EduPivot's qualified teachers will meetup with you and your child to better understand your needs.

Choose Your Preferred Class

We offer a range of holistic programmes that will give your child the extra push towards their success. Short-term results are desirable; long-term results are sustainable. Our programmes integrates academic instruction, personal development, and soft skills coaching to shape our students into well-rounded individuals with a bright future.

Check out our programmes available, and find a class that will best suit your child and nurture them with essential lifeskills. Remember, this is a journey that parents, teacher and children will embark on!