Homemade Gifts for Your Child

Looking for a homemade gift for your child’s birthday? Thinking of rewarding your child with a present for accomplishing certain tasks? Gifts are not only a way to show appreciation for your children, but also to motivate and inspire them to keep up the good work. 

Studies have shown that showing appreciation for your children will help them learn to appreciate their family and community more. The more parents show support for their children, the more support these children will show to people they meet in their community. 

Here are some ideas on the perfect homemade gifts for your child:


Nothing beats giving a heartfelt note of encouragement to your child. Handwritten cards are manageable to make and show your sincerity. Penning down the things you want to say to your child can be a tangible expression of your love and pride for them.

It is common in many Asian families to not have the regular practice of conveying appreciation to family members. As such, writing a card can be an alternative way to communicate your message to your child.

In the card, you may want to share a few memories that you cherish. These may be moments that mean a lot to you personally but your child may not realise how special that time was to you. 

It is also important to describe what they did that makes you proud and include some words of support in your card. These words of affirmation can be really helpful to keep them motivated.

Back to School Bundle

You can create a Back to School Bundle by including the things that your child will need for school. Some examples can be cute stationeries, notebooks, or even their favourite snacks to fuel them for classes. Being able to mix and match and include things according to your child’s preference will allow you to create a more customised gift. 

One other thing that you can include in the bundle is a personalised pencil case. There are many ways to customise a pencil case, such as printing your child’s favourite movie character on the pencil case, or embroidering your child’s name onto it. In essence, the key to creating a valuable gift is to include elements that your child likes.

Potted Plant

It is always nice to receive meaningful gifts. Gifting a plant has many meanings and one of which is to wish your child good health. Moreover, it is also one of the most sustainable gifts as plants live a long life if nurtured well.

Besides, gifting plants also teaches your child values such as responsibility and patience which are required to nurture and grow the plant. Starting young is key when it comes to inculcating your child with important values.

Soft Toy with Recycled Materials

If you happen to have some old socks or pillow cases lying around that you no longer use, one good idea is to upcycle them and make a soft toy for your child! Such gifts can be made easily with just a few pieces of cloth and a sewing kit. 

Ultimately, it is not about creating the best looking soft toy, but one that is meaningful and made with love. You can even customise it further by sewing your child’s name onto it.

Bento Lunch Box

When it comes to gifts, food is one of the most popular options. Creating an adorable bento box for your child can be a great idea. From simple shapes to more complex cartoon designs made from food, there are many different elements that you can explore to make the perfect bento. Have fun and get creative in the process!

Research has shown that seeing cute and attractive things causes our brain to release dopamine and makes us feel happy. A cute little bento box can be a great way to boost your child’s mood! You can even include a few of your child’s favourite ingredients to cater to their preferences.

Good nutrition is also critical for your child especially when they are still growing. HealthHub’s My Healthy Plate provides an easy-to-understand nutrition guide on the proportion of the four main food groups: grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and others for you to prepare a hearty meal for your child.

Handmade Jewellery

Teenage years are usually the period where your child develops his/her own style. As summer is approaching, colourful handmade jewellery are also great gift ideas for your child. Instead of buying ready-made ones, you can choose to make them. 

You can even make this a bonding activity with your child where you make jewellery for each other. One popular jewellery idea is beaded bracelets. With the colourful beads and the range of designs that you can create, you and your child can get creative and enjoy the time making personalised gifts for each other.

Activity Coupon Deck

One way to motivate your child can be to give them an opportunity to do something that makes them happy. You can create an activity coupon deck that they can put to use whenever they wish to. In the deck, you can include activities that they love or always wanted to try.

Some ideas for the activities include:

  • An Ice Cream Treat
  • “Play in the Park” Day
  • Dinner of Your Choice 
  • Visit a Theme Park
  • Picnic Day
  • No Chores for One Day
  • Movie Night
  • Sleepover At Friend’s Place


There is no better way to keep track of your child’s growing journey than to have a photobook for all the memories. You can include major milestones or simply amusing pictures of your child in the photobook. Having a photobook filled with these pictures is a great way for your child to reminisce about his/her childhood in future. 

There are many ways to make a photobook. A faster and more efficient way is to collate the pictures and engage a photo printing centre to print it as a book. If you have time and wish to make it more personalised and special, you can make it by hand. This allows for greater flexibility over how you decorate the photobook and you can even include funny descriptions for each of the photos to make it engaging!

There are a thousand and one ways to show appreciation or reward your child, but nothing beats a handmade gift. The list above are some of the many ideas that you can consider when thinking of what to gift your child. Besides material gifts, spending quality time with your child can also be another great way to reward your child. Find out ways to bond with your child here.

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