5 Ways to Bond with your Child

Bonding with your child could be the perfect way to guide them and get to know the kind of individual they are becoming. Bonding moments could open great opportunities for you to instill some important life lessons to your child without making him/her feel uncomfortable or detached. It may also be the most effective way…

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Teaching Your Child Self-Care

The World Health Organisation defines self-care as, “Self-care is broad concept which also encompasses hygiene (general and personal); nutrition (type and quality of food eaten); lifestyle (sporting activities, leisure, etc.); environmental factors (living conditions, social habits, etc.); socioeconomic factors (income level, cultural beliefs, etc.); and self-medication. Core principles: Fundamental principles for self-care include aspects of…

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Improving Your Child’s English: Tips and Tricks


The English language is often regarded as the world’s lingua franca (a language used among people who do not share a common first language to communicate) across the globe. Having a good command of English and a strong English foundation helps children to grow in their ability to communicate and converse with people. Learning English…

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The Importance of Emotional Regulation


At school, your child may have to go through many different kinds of activities and may be experiencing a multitude of different emotions. From going through an exam, to preparing for a presentation, to participating in a sports competition, to making friends in class. Each activity brings about a different set of emotions that a…

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How to Create a Timetable and Stick to It


It’s the beginning of the new year and we see our children back to school with a ton of things to do. New subjects, homework, upcoming tests, co-curricular activities (CCAs), competitions, and mini quizzes etc. Your child might be feeling overwhelmed by the list of things to do and might not know what to prioritise.…

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What Your Child can Learn From Speech and Drama

Child Learning Expressions

Let’s imagine your child all grown up. He or she has graduated with good grades and is currently in a highly successful job. Your child is about to prepare for a presentation in front of many people in a meeting. He or she knows all the information needed to be conveyed to the audience; all…

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The Art of Note-Taking


Taking notes can seem like such an easy task to do. Simply grab a pen and paper, listen and jot down what has been said. It’s one thing to take down notes, it’s another thing altogether to take notes productively. Note-taking, when done well, helps with retaining and processing information, and trains you to sieve…

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What Kind of Self-Learner Is Your Child?

child learning about the globe

Do you find that your child is receptive to certain learning techniques more than others? For example, while they can find it hard to understand concepts and theories that you vocalise to them about, they may grasp the concept better if they see a visual representation of it. Another example could be your child not…

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Recovering from Disappointment

Disappointed Child

Disappointment is a part and parcel of life. From grades that fall below expectations, to a losing game, to job rejections, an individual is bound to feel disappointed at different stages of his or her life. As adults, it can be challenging to handle the emotions that come with disappointment, especially when it comes to…

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Instilling Responsibility in Your Child

Child learning to clean responsibly

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Remember this famous quote from Spiderman? The virtue of being responsible is so deeply ingrained in our culture and our way of life. It can be assumed that as we grow and progress into adulthood, we naturally learn to take ownership of our own life by learning through trial…

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