Recovering from Disappointment

Disappointed Child

Disappointment is a part and parcel of life. From grades that fall below expectations, to a losing game, to job rejections, an individual is bound to feel disappointed at different stages of his or her life. As adults, it can be challenging to handle the emotions that come with disappointment, especially when it comes to…

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Instilling Responsibility in Your Child

Child learning to clean responsibly

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Remember this famous quote from Spiderman? The virtue of being responsible is so deeply ingrained in our culture and our way of life. It can be assumed that as we grow and progress into adulthood, we naturally learn to take ownership of our own life by learning through trial…

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5 Ways to Beat Procrastination


Psychology Behind Procrastination  Procrastination is defined as the act of unnecessarily delaying doing tasks that are assigned to you. While it appears that procrastination is a result of poor time management, the Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University in Ottawa found that it is not the case. Instead, it is an emotion regulation problem, where…

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The Power of Affirmations

“I am more than my struggles.” Does your child understand this? Positive affirmations can be powerful tools in combating negative thoughts of oneself. The more it is repeated in a child’s mind, the more ingrained in their memory it becomes. Hence, children should be exposed to the concept of positive affirmations at an early stage.…

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Encouraging Holistic Growth for Your Child

Mom guiding her daughter

When it comes to learning, it’s not just about academics. A healthy child has to grow holistically so that he or she will be prepared to face the complexity of the real world. The capacity to learn peaks in one’s childhood, and it’s during this time, that one should be exposed to different forms of…

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Using Social Media in Learning

Social Media and Content Sharing

Now more than ever, especially during this pandemic, social distancing is becoming a norm. As such, social media is quickly gaining importance and viability in classroom settings. Livestreaming lectures, organising an ask-and-tell between teachers and students as well as enhancing students’ technological proficiency are all made possible with social media. Social media can be a…

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Avoiding The 7 Common Mistakes When Motivating Students

Many of us understand the importance of motivation in the school context. Motivation drives the hunger to learn and energizes students to actively participate in the learning process. Yet, the eagerness to motivate students may cause educators to commit mistakes in their strategies, and end up being counterproductive.  Let’s take a look at some of…

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7 Ways to Encourage Divergent Thinking In The Classroom

Many of us are familiar with convergent thinking — a way of thinking that encourages conformity by restricting students to a single standard solution for a problem. After all, in school, students are rewarded with good grades for their ability to reiterate the desired answer that teachers are looking for! How do we avoid limiting…

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