8 Tips on How to Complete Your Homework Efficiently and Purposefully

Many of us can’t help but groan in dread at the very mention of homework. Every subject contributes a significant amount of workload outside of school, and the mountain of assignments never seems to stop growing! But fret not — here are eight tips to help you develop the skills you need to complete your homework with purpose and efficiency:

Create A Homework Schedule

Much like how your school gives you a timetable of classes and activities for each day of the week, create a similar schedule for your homework. Having a designated time and place each day for homework improves your concentration and self-management as it removes the stress of finding time in your day to squeeze in important assignments.

Regulate Yourself

Are there temptations and distractions within reach when you do your homework? Manage your priorities by keeping things that will be counterproductive out of reach. Start by putting your phone far away when you study. Practice self-control by concentrating for short periods of time and then taking a quick break after. You can utilize the Pomodoro method of working for 25 minutes and then resting for 5. Over time, such a practice will help you build up towards sustained periods of work and study.

Mix It Up

Rushing through an assignment you dread will inevitably lead to poor quality work. Instead, take a step back and identify the reason for your dread. Perhaps you find the homework mundane and repetitive? If so, try mixing things up! Break down the assignment into smaller parts to be completed at different points of time. Fill in the gaps with parts from other assignments. Decrease the mundanity of your homework assignments and improve your concentration and focus!

Do A Brain Dump

Just like the hard drive on your computer, your brain requires working memory to be able to focus better on the task at hand and retain what you study. Having too many thoughts in your mind can strain your brain and cause you to feel overwhelmed when you are trying to complete your homework. Take out a piece of paper, and let whatever thoughts you have on your mind to flow onto it. This doesn’t have to be a journal entry or a well-written essay — even scribbling your thoughts down and chucking it in the wastebasket can help!

Be Flexible With Your Solutions

A valuable skill to have is the ability to go beyond a single solution and think of a variety of methods to solve a question. Break down your assignments into smaller parts. It’s a lot easier to identify more methods to tackle a problem when you make it more accessible! With practice, this improves your mental flexibility and builds a growth mindset, allowing you to be more agile in thinking and crafting solutions.

Reward Yourself

Homework can be challenging and boring at times, causing you to dread completing it. However, it is inevitable that you will still have to complete it by the deadline set by your teachers. How can you then deal with the dread of completing your homework? Answer: reward yourself after you have finished it! Simply reward yourself with some of your favourite snacks or a few rounds of video games. This way, you would be motivated to start your homework the next time. Knowing what awaits you after completing your homework, you might even try to complete it as fast as you can, giving you extra time to engage in more activities. Therefore, when you feel unmotivated to start your homework, implement a reward system for yourself! 

However, do take note to not rush through your homework just so that you can receive your reward earlier. Ensure that you put in a concise amount of effort in completing your homework. That way, you will be able to complete your homework efficiently and purposefully. . 

Do It With Your Peers 

Do you find it difficult to focus and motivate yourself when you are doing homework alone? You encounter problems with your homework but there is no one around you who you can consult with. Therefore, you decided to put your homework aside and avoid doing it for as long as you can. At the end of the day, you either only managed to complete half of your homework, or have it done half-heartedly. To solve this problem, try doing your homework with your peers. Bring together a few of your classmates to encourage one another to start and complete your homework. When you are struggling with your work, you can also ask your classmates for help! 

Furthermore, it would be beneficial to bring together peers from different classes. Their teachers might have taught them different techniques to solve questions which you might find easier to understand. Therefore, sharing knowledge with your peers can get you to handle and understand your homework better. 

Pay Close Attention In Class 

Homework is designed to ensure that students understand what they have learnt in class so that they can better handle harder concepts in the future. Most of the time, students who encounter problems with their homework are the ones who did not pay enough attention to what their teacher taught in class. They start missing out on important steps and information which prevents them from getting the correct final answers. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention in class. Besides paying attention in class, take down notes and ask questions to clear your doubts as soon as possible. This way, it makes your homework less complicated, and you can then complete it more efficiently and productively. 


There is a link between doing homework and academic results. According to a study, students who spend at least two hours a night doing homework accomplish better grades in English, Maths and Science. Homework is important as it helps to significantly increase a student’s performance and helps them to achieve a deeper understanding of the subjects they are studying. Hence, it is important that students complete their homework efficiently and purposefully. 

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