5 Ways to Bond with your Child

Bonding with your child could be the perfect way to guide them and get to know the kind of individual they are becoming. Bonding moments could open great opportunities for you to instill some important life lessons to your child without making him/her feel uncomfortable or detached. It may also be the most effective way for them to retain life lessons as they will be introduced to them while doing something they enjoy. 

There is an abundance of activities that you and your child can enjoy doing together, but a more effective approach would be to get him/her to do activities that he/she is interested in or you think may grow an interest in. 

It may also be important for you to have an evaluation pre and post activity to understand how an activity can be helpful to your child or whether or not it may be better to shift to a different activity that can provide more benefits both for you and your child.

What are some activities that you can engage in with your child?

Sports time

It is never too early to get your child to develop a love for sports, and this can easily be one of the many ways you can bond with him/her. May it be indoor sports like chess, table tennis, or billiards, or outdoor sports like basketball, swimming, or golf, bonding with your kid through sports may be a very effective way to guide him/her and create memorable moments with them. 

Once you have a better idea of what kind of sport your child is interested in, you can even schedule watching the sport either on TV or live in person to get to witness the professionals while at it. This may spark further the love for the specific sport and can even start the drive to become really good at it. With this being the scenario, you can be sure that you’ll always have that one activity that you can share with your child – something that he/she loves, and one that you can enjoy with him/her.

Travel and plan

With the restrictions easing in and more countries opening up their borders to foreign travelers, traveling is now back on the list of some ways you can bond with your child. 

May it be somewhere within the Asian region or a place much farther from home, traveling can be a really fun way to bond with your child. You can start by giving him/her the freedom to create the itinerary for the trip. By giving him/her the framework of what needs to be included – e.g. the itinerary must include a museum, a vineyard, a long drive, etc – your child will then engage in research and through it will not only be able to craft your overseas activities, but also will learn more about the country you are visiting. 

If traveling within the country, you and your child can do a “food review” activity where you and him/her will choose local restaurants to visit and try its food. It can make eating out more fun and enjoyable. It may also be a great way to sharpen your child’s vocabulary as he/she articulates his/her judgment on the experience and overall taste of the dishes he/she has tried. 

Grocery shopping assignment

This may seem like a mundane task, but if you get your child to plan ahead on what dishes will need to be prepared for a week, and plan the grocery-shopping, it can be a good activity for the two of you. Planning for a week’s worth of food for the family, understanding budgeting, and understanding the nutritional content of dishes may be a good learning experience for your child and a good bonding experience for the two of you. 

Your child can also plan a dish that he/she will prepare himself/herself while you assist from the background. You can assist with some techniques while letting him/her just try and accomplish the task.


This activity will surely keep you and your child busy for hours, and if you go for the more complex and bigger designs, then it may take you days or even weeks. 

Puzzles can be both calming and frustrating, and this gives you the opportunity to guide your child and give him/her the guidance that he/she might need when the puzzle gets frustrating. Your child can also draw inspiration from you on how you demonstrate calmness and technique when it comes to puzzles, and problem-solving in general. 

Projects done by hand

May it be painting your house, doing a bit of woodworking, or maybe baking polymer clay earrings, you can share quality moments with your child through hobbies that you have or activities that you think may be interesting to him/her.

If your child is fond of accessories and are into crafts, then the two of you may dive into the world of jewelry-making. You may enroll yourself and your child in a class to learn the basics, and then from there, create accessories at home. It can be both a bonding experience for the two of you and the chance to create accessories that both of you can wear and flaunt to your friends and family. It may also open doors to starting a business if you get positive responses to your designs and craftsmanship. 

If your child has shown interest in interior design, then woodworking or pottery classes may be a good idea and may be something that the two of you can enjoy. You can challenge each other with complex designs of inspirations and watch as the two of you try and create masterpieces. 

There are many ways to enjoy quality moments with your child and form a deeper connection with him/her. The more activities you engage with your child, the stronger your bond will be and the easier it may be to guide him/her as he/she grows. If you are looking for some more tips on how to guide your child and his/her holistic growth, please visit www.edupivot.sg 

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